Nurburgring Events

January 7 Hike am Ring July 1 World Series by Renault
March 17 RCN 8 Reinoldus Cup (bikes, GP)
24 VLN 13-15 ADAC Truck GP (GP)
31 VLN 14 GLP regularity
21 VLN
April 1 Motorbike Worship (GP) 22 Reinoldus Cup (bikes, GP)
6-8 AVD Race Weekend (GP) 28 RCN / GLP regularity
14 VLN
21 RCN / GLP regularity August 4 VLN
10-12 AVD Oldtimer GP (GP)
May 12-13 Porsche Sports Cup (GP) 17-19 DTM (touring cars, GP)
17-20 ADAC Zurich 24h Race 18 GLP regularity
17 RCN 25 VLN
26 Reinoldus Cup (bikes, GP)
June 1-3 Rock Am Ring
8-10 ADAC Eifel Historics September 1 Rad & Run am Ring
15-17 IDM (bikes, GP) 7-9 FIM Superbike WM (GP)
16 RCN / GLP regularity 7-9 Biker Festival
23 VLN 8 RCN
24 Green Light Triathlon 15 GLP regularity
29-30 World Series by Renault 22 RCN
30 Reinoldus Cup (bikes, GP)
October 12-14 IDS Drifting Champ (G
21 RCN
27 VLN

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Nurburgring Live App
I'm pleased to announce that the Android version of Nurburgring live is available on Google Play. The iOS version is coming very soon! Fill in your details to get an update on when it is available in the market.